Why do Anorexics eat Apples?

why do anorexics eat apples

Anyone who has struggled with an eating disorder understands the complex and unique relationship that we have with food. For many of us, food is not simply nourishment – it is a source of both comfort and anxiety. For some, we crave the warmth and satisfaction that comes from a good meal. On the other hand, we are terrified of the calories and the way that they will make our bodies look. This conflict can be especially pronounced when it comes to apples.

Portrayal of apples as in general

Apples are often portrayed as being healthy and natural, which makes them seem like the perfect food for someone who is trying to lose weight. However, apples also contain a lot of sugar, which can trigger cravings and lead to binge eating. As a result, apples can be both a blessing and a curse for people with eating disorders. On the one hand, they provide valuable nutrients and fiber. On the other hand, they can also worsen food cravings and lead to weight gain.

Apparent reasons behind why do anorexics eat too much apples

So, why do anorexics eat apples? It’s a strange question, but it’s one that has puzzled doctors and scientists for years. After all, apples are full of sugar and calories, which are two things that anorexics are desperately trying to avoid. So, why the obsession with this particular fruit?

One theory is that apples represent “perfection” to those suffering from anorexia. In a culture that places a tremendous amount of pressure on women (and men) to look a certain way, apples are seen as the epitome of perfection. They’re round, firm, and red — the perfect physical specimen. For anorexics who are constantly berating themselves for not being thin enough, eating apples becomes a way to achieve that elusive goal of perfection.

Another theory is that apples provide a false sense of control for anorexics. When everything else in their lives feels out of control, they can control what they eat (or don’t eat). And by limiting themselves to only apples, they feel as though they’re in complete control of their food intake. Of course, this is a dangerous illusion, but one that’s very hard to break free from.

The parting thoughts

While the answer to this question is still being researched, one theory is that apple-eating may serve as a displacement activity for anorexics. This means that when they are feeling anxious or stressed, they may turn to apples as a way to comfort themselves and avoid dealing with the root of their problem. Another possibility is that the crunchy texture and sweetness of apples help to soothe and calm anorexics. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that apple eating is common among people with anorexia nervosa. If you know someone who suffers from this disorder, be sure to keep some apples on hand in case they get hungry – you may just be saving their life. If you or someone you know is struggling with anorexia, please seek professional help immediately. Thanks for reading.


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